Top 2014 Blog Posts

Top 2014 Blog Posts by Charlotte dentist Dr. Payet

You know, I was kinda surprised myself, but upon counting them up, it seems that I wrote 27 blog posts in 2014 – just over 1 every 2 weeks.  Not that all of them were super meaningful or anything, but they covered a pretty wide range of topics.  Some got quite a bit of attention, some got little or none.  Since my first blog post ever on Dec. 13th, 2008 about Porcelain Veneers to Straighten Crooked Teeth, there have been nearly 195 total posts on this blog.  That averages out to almost 3 posts per month for the last 6 years.  Do you think my 10th-Grade English teacher would be proud?  🙂  Mrs. Leonard-Peace, if you ever see this, you can take the credit (or blame, whichever you prefer LOL).

But of all 29, here are the ones that seemed to get the most interest.

Dr. Payet’s Top 8 Blog Posts of 2014

  • How to Reduce or Prevent Tooth Cavities (Feb. 2nd) – sure, some people want a miracle cure, but it’s really not all that complicated if you want to avoid cavities for most people.  Here are some practical, useful, effective tips to keep your dental visits cheap, easy, and enjoyable.
  • Cosmetic Dentistry: Invisalign and a Dental Implant (March 4th) – sometimes cosmetic dentistry takes a bit, as in Griffin’s case.  First Invisalign, then a dental implant and crown, and he had his smile back for the first time in years since an accident knocked out one of his front teeth.  Gawd, we love doing this stuff to see that kind of happy smile!
  • Treating Migraines is So Satisfying (Jan. 22nd) – we’d just received the most heart-warming letter from one of our patients (and one of my distant relatives), who’d been suffering from almost non-stop, head-splitting migraines for 3 years, after we used a NTI nightguard to drastically reduce his symptoms, even after all the “real doctor” specialists had been unsuccessful. Yeah, that felt good.  🙂
  • Ever Feel Just a Little Overwhelmed? (Dec. 9th) – especially at the holiday time, but doesn’t it seem like life in general these days just keeps getting more and more intense?  Sometimes, ya gotta stop and not even bother smelling the roses.
  • Kids Tooth Tip #3: Spaces Between Baby Teeth are Good (Aug. 13th) – inspired by my recommendation to the Mom of a 5yo little boy with no spaces between his teeth that she start planning for braces, and her question, “But why?  His teeth are so perfect right now.”
  • Whom Do You Trust? Why? Do You Trust Your Dentist? (May 16th)  This post was inspired by a book about Google’s Semantic Search, which is the way search engines are learning to understand what’s written on the web in ways closer to humans.  Building a trustworthy, authentic online reputation is a key part of Google ranking one’s content, and it got me to thinking about a lot of things.  Cool stuff!  One of my personal faves of the year.
  • Easy Tips to Clean Your Kids’ Teeth (June 8th) – after reaching out to Mommy Bloggers on Google+, I got some terrific ideas for what Moms want to know about keeping their kids’ teeth clean and cavity-free.  There will be more of these in 2015, along with some videos (fingers crossed).
  • Holistic, Alternative Medicine is Usually Wrong (April 29th) – given all the “woo” and pseudoscience all over the Web these days, I felt it worthwhile to address why the scientific method is so important in medicine and dentistry.  Truly, the reason we live such long and healthy lives in the 21st Century is precisely because the scientific method produces solid, reliable proof.  Holistic and alternative medicine have no real proof, just anecdotes and claims. Surprisingly, it was linked as an “alternative viewpoint” from a “holistic” website about the same time as a world-famous dentist named Dr. Howard Farran shared it on his Facebook Page, and this one really went viral, with many thousands of views in short periods of time, and it still gets a fair amount of traffic.  I was quite proud of this post and will have some more in 2015!

So there you have it – the Top Blog Posts of 2014 by Dr. Charles Payet, Charlotte’s blogging dentist extraordinaire (if I do say so myself!)  🙂  I hope you enjoyed them, and keep an eye out for lots more this year.

And don’t forget: Sharing is Truly Caring! 


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