SmoothLase Facial Rejuvenation

SmoothLase is a gentle, non-invasive method to take 10-15 years off your face with the FDA-Approved Fotona Lightwalker laser.   Charlotte cosmetic dentist Dr. Charles Payet is the first provider of both SmoothLase Facial Rejuvenation & NightLase Snoring Reduction therapy.  He’s thrilled to bring these exciting and proven laser therapies to Charlotte.  The dual laser wavelengths activate your body’s healing processes, by improving the quality and volume of your collagen.  As it tones existing collagen and triggers new collagen growth, your skin naturally tightens and lifts, restoring a more youthful appearance.  It restores elasticity & smooths light to medium wrinkles; it can even help prevent future wrinkles!  Enjoy beautiful, youthful skin without the need for injectable dermal fillers or Botox.

Stimulate Your Body’s Own Healing

When we’re young, our body is constantly renewing and replacing the skin. But as we get older, the process of skin replacement slows down, along with the production of vital proteins like collagen and elastin. Loss of collagen is the main cause of skin aging, wrinkles, scarring, uneven skin tone, dry skin, and poor skin texture.

SmoothLase with the Fotona Lightwalker laser

Collagen is produced more slowly as we age, so older tissues aren’t replaced as quickly.  Stimulation with the Fotona Lightwalker laser increases new collagen production and triggers tightening of older collagen proteins.  SmoothLase does this for the skin, just as NightLase does it for the soft palate to reduce snoring. While dermatological lasers penetrate from the outside, SmoothLase works from within the mouth, because less energy is needed to penetrate the mucosa than the skin.  One tremendous benefit of this method, is there are no visible changes on the skin afterwards!  Dr. Payet simply points the laser in the areas being treated, whether the inner lips to plump them without fillers, under the lip to smooth wrinkles, etc.  With the restoration of plumpness, elasticity and tightness, the skin regains its youthful look.

Benefits of SmoothLase Treatment

  • Noticeable lifting, toning, & tightening of skin to look and feel younger
  • Results develop subtly & gradually, no sudden or abrupt changes that look odd.
  • Healthy rejuvenation and creation of new, more elastic collagen, which lasts much longer than fillers.
  • No downtime, go about your daily routine immediately after treatment
  • Short in-office procedures & no foreign substances
  • No surgical scars, bruising, or swelling
  • No pre-treatment preparation
  • No post-treatment requirements or medications
  • No skin redness or sensitivity to sun

How Many Treatment Sessions do You Need?

Treatment is based on the person’s age.  Based on studies, Dr. Payet recommends 1 treatment session per decade of life, so a 40 year old would need 4 treatments to see optimal results.

Each treatment session lasts 30-45 minutes, and there’s no downtime afterwards.  Sessions are typically 3 weeks apart to allow the new collagen time to develop.  Collagen continues to be formed for about one month after the last treatment.

How to Maintain Long-Lasting SmoothLase Results

How long your SmoothLase results last, will of course depend on how well you care for your skin in general.  Any activities or diet that normally have a negative impact on your skin, will of course cause faster relapse.  SmoothLase results do tend to last longer than injectable fillers, because your own body produces it, but they aren’t forever.  The better care you take of your skin, the longer the results last.  If you regularly exposing yourself to any of the following, you will need more frequent “booster sessions” to maintain the youthful results.

  • UV Radiation (avoid turning pink or red, no sun-burning)
  • Tanning beds
  • Smoking
  • Excessive Alcohol, which generally means no more than 1-2 drinks per day
  • Prescription Drugs Which Dehydrate You (4000+ of them)
  • A poor diet,

What does SmoothLase Feel Like?

Comfort levels vary depending the particular patient and the treatment location.  Generally, there may be some sensitivity, feeling of heat, or mild discomfort towards the middle of the lip area since this area is loaded with nerves.  This is what stimulates the collagen growth.  Most areas of the face feel nothing except a little warmth, especially as treatment progresses throughout the session, while the laser energy is being delivered to each spot on the tissue.   Most people leave the office feeling comfortable.  Any tingling, tenderness, or slight swelling of tissues (looks good) is also normal, mild and temporary in nature.

Would you like to learn what SmoothLase can do for you? Please call 704-364-7069 today or Request an Complimentary Consultation with Charlotte’s exclusive SmoothLase provider & cosmetic dentist, Dr. Charles Payet.