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One of the most frequent questions patients ask is about the cost of dental implants. We cover the factors that go into dental implants in Charlotte, NC.  Implants are usually the best way to replace one or more teeth, but they’re often perceived as “too expensive.”  In reality, they’re a worthwhile investment in your ability to smile, talk, and eat with confidence. If you are looking for “dental implants near me” in the Charlotte, North Carolina metro area contact our dental implant team at Smiles by Payet Dentistry we would be happy to provide you a free consultation.

Dental Implant Steps

The dental implant procedure usually consists of three steps.  First, we place the actual dental implant in the mouth.  Once the implant integrates into the bone, we restore the implant with an abutment and crown.  At least, that’s usually the way it works for individual implants and crowns.  If we’re replacing multiple teeth, such as with an Implant Overdenture or an All-on-4 Hybrid, the procedures can be more complex.

Implant Costs in the Charlotte, NC area

For individual implants, 3 components usually make up the cost.  There’s the cost of the implant itself and placing it in your jaw; either a custom or premade abutment; and the crown.  The abutment is the in between part, which connects the implant and crown.  Sometimes additional procedures are required, such as a bone graft to ensure enough bone to put the implant in.  Sometimes a gum graft is needed to ensure strong gum tissue, which protects the implant from bacteria.

The total cost for an implant, abutment and crown in our Charlotte office ranges from $5-6,000.  If a small bone graft is needed, we usually include it at no additional charge.  If a large bone graft or sinus lift is needed, add $800-1,500 to the total dental implant cost.  If you need a tooth extracted, or a surgical guide made for precision placement, these fees are usually additional.  The cost of the 3D X-ray is usually included with the implant fee.

Dental Implant Surgical Guides

Whenever possible, I design and 3D print a custom surgical guide before placing the implant.  The guide makes it possible to place 1 or more implants much faster, with greater precision and accuracy.  If we design and 3D print it in our office, there’s usually no additional cost.  If it’s for multiple implants and must be made by our lab, add $500-1,500.

Insurance and Dental Implants

Most dental insurance plans don’t cover the cost of the implant itself, but some will reimburse you for part of the cost of the abutment and/or crown.  An implant crown is similar to a crown (or cap) that we would place on a natural tooth.

An Affordable Long-Term Investment

When thinking about how much a dental implant costs, compare it to your other choices.  For 1-3 teeth, those choices are usually (1) a dental bridge or (2) a partial denture.  If there is still a tooth present, can it be fixed with a root canal and crown?  How long does each choice usually last, how much does it cost now, and how much will it cost to redo/replace down the road?  Admittedly, it’s a lot to think about!

Dental implants seem very expensive, but if you think of them as a long-term investment, they’re often the least expensive!  That’s because dental implants have a few advantages:

  • Dental implants and crowns can’t get cavities.
    • Even the best-fitting crowns and bridges eventually get cavities.
  • There’s no drilling on healthy teeth for a bridge.
  • Teeth with root canals slowly become brittle over years and can split or break off.
    • Sure, you can break an implant, but it’s extremely rare.
  • Dental implants can’t really get gum disease like teeth do.
    • Yes, implants can get infected, so it’s still important to take good care of them.
  • Dental implants and crowns don’t come in and out of your mouth, so you’ll use them.
    • Many studies show, people hate wearing partial dentures long-term, so they often sit in a drawer.
    • If your partial denture is sitting in a drawer, that’s like money thrown away.
    • Partial dentures are lost or damaged more easily.

The overall chances of an implant and crown lasting 20-30+ years or longer are much higher than anything else.  A crown or bridge might need replacing 2-3 times in that same period of time.  While the cost of a dental implant and implant crown is significant up-front, it’s a bargain over 2-4 decades !

You have to consider the cost of your time, too.  With a surgical guide for precision, the appointment to place the implant should only last 30-45 minutes.  The other 2-4 visits usually only take 15-30 minutes, so the entire time needed is often less than 90 minutes.  Difficult root canals and crowns can take much longer.

No dental restoration is guaranteed to last forever; not even dental implants.  We can’t replace what Mother Nature gave you in the first place, but to replace a tooth, dental implants make dental and financial sense. Of course, we understand that implants are expensive.  That’s why we have payment plans and financial arrangements to help. Please don’t hesitate to ask us questions about implants or about the financial aspect of treatment.  That’s why we’re here!

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