Payment Options

We understand that dental care can seem expensive;  however, at our Charlotte dentist office, our goal is to help you keep your dental care affordable, so we offer a wide variety of payment options to fit almost every budget.

We Accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express, & Discover

Our Charlotte NC dental office accepts all major credit cards, CareCredit interest-free dental payment plans, and Quality Dental Plan.
Cash, checks, VISA, AMEX, DISCOVER, and MasterCard are accepted.

Dental Insurance

We accept and will file dental insurance claims with all regular dental insurance benefits as a courtesy to our patients. Please remember – while we do our best to verify your benefits prior to treatment, all estimated insurance benefits are just that….estimates.  We highly encourage all our patients to know their policies to avoid confusion. 🙂

Spread Treatment Out

One of the reasons that patients request dental financing options, is they want all their treatment done quickly.  For certain procedures, such as dental implant dentures or porcelain veneers, treatment must be done all together.  If you aren’t in pain or have urgent needs though, some patients find it easier to do smaller amounts at a time.  Instead of doing several dental crowns or fillings at once, you can do 1-2 at a time.  It means more appointments, but doing a few fillings, one crown, etc. every few weeks or months, means less pressure on your budget.

When HSAs & Dental Insurance Roll Over

Most dental insurance plans roll over on Jan. 1st.  The end of one year and the beginning of the next are great times to maximize those insurance benefits.  Start some treatment in Oct. – Dec., and then start the next round in January with new insurance dollars!  Just ask us, and we’ll help you schedule to minimize those out-of-pocket expenses.

A Health Savings Account (HSA) is another great dental financing option.  Whether your plan is fully funded in January or partially funded each month, those pre-tax dollars are almost always usable for dental treatment.  Even teeth whitening!

Dental Financing Options

We understand that, if you need a lot of dental work, it can get quite expensive.  Patients often ask what kind of dental financing options we offer; here are some payment options to make your dental work fit your budget.

In-House Payment Plans

The easiest payment plan we offer is like a layaway plan.  Make payments on a schedule that’s comfortable, and once your credit has built up, we’ll schedule your treatment. No worries about overdue payments or interest!

CareCredit Dental Financing

CareCredit offers interest-free dental financing options

CareCredit is one of the most popular dental financing options and has been around forever.  There’s no down payment required (but you can do one to reduce the monthly payment); interest-free plans are available for 6- and 12-months; payment plans up to 5 years (with interest) are also available.  There’s no penalty for paying your balance off early, so you can get more treatment done, as you pay off the older treatment balance.  You can get up to $25,000 in dental financing!


Lending Club Dental Financing


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