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  • Whom Do You Trust? Why? Do You Trust Your Dentist?

    Posted by: Charles Payet | On: May 16, 2014

    Before you sit down to read, might I suggest a strong cup of coffee and a favorite snack?  I’m about to take you on a journey like Alice in Wonderland, and you’ll want to be well fortified for the journey in a discussion of trust, authority, and reputation as it relates to how you choose a […]

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  • Holistic, Alternative Medicine is Usually Wrong

    Posted by: Charles Payet | On: April 29, 2014

    As a general rule, when I’m writing for our dental blog, I try to keep my personal feelings out of it; “….just the facts, ma’am,” as it were.  But when it comes to pseudo-science and pseudo-medicine, as I discussed recently in my article Can Cavities Be Cured? and Do Silver Fillings Poison You?, it’s hard to stay […]

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  • Can Cavities Be Cured?

    Posted by: Charles Payet | On: November 24, 2013

    I’ve seen a lot of posts and articles recently about whether or not dental cavities can be “cured,” with various holistic dentistry advocates pushing alleged cures such as colloidal silver, coconut oil, and some other stuff.  We don’t see many people in our practice with these questions, but since it’s out there, I think it […]

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  • Do Silver Fillings Poison You? HECK NO, Dr. Oz!

    Posted by: Charles Payet | On: May 9, 2013

    Since Dr. Oz (anyone else think the similarity between the TV doc and the The Wizard have some similarities, like they’re pretty much full of it?) had a segment on his show recently about “Toxic Teeth”, our Charlotte dentist office has again been getting the question, “Should I remove my silver fillings?” The “Great and Powerful […]

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  • Does Your Dentist Already Know Everything?

    Posted by: Charles Payet | On: March 14, 2013

    Have you ever asked your dentist how much Continuing Education s/he takes per year?  OK, maybe a different question should have been first – do you know that every state in the US requires a dentist to take a minimum number of hours of Continuing Education (CE) to keep their license in good standing, but […]

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  • Why Dentists Tell You Different Things

    Posted by: Charles Payet | On: January 21, 2013

    If you’ve ever been to more than 1 dentist in a short period of time, for whatever reason, you’ve probably been a little surprised that one told you there were several problems, one didn’t say a thing, and maybe the third suggested something entirely different.  This question has been discussed in several major news articles […]

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