Laser Cosmetic Dentistry: Fixing a Gummy Smile

As I discussed in my last post about Cosmetic Dentistry: Invisalign and a Dental Implant, you don’t always need teeth whitening or porcelain veneers to make a smile more beautiful, nor does it have super expensive,  take a long time, or require drilling on your teeth.  Sometimes, cosmetic dentistry can be as simple as fixing a gummy smile with laser dentistry.

 Gummy Smiles Don’t Need Veneers – They Need Less Gums!

Gummy smile before laser cosmetic dentistry charlotte nc

This is honestly one of my favorite kinds of cosmetic dental treatment, but it’s one that many dentists aren’t aware can be done so easily.  I wrote about another one of our patients, who still comes in for her check-ups every 6 months like clockwork for the last 5 years), and her Cosmetic Gum Lift, back in 2009.  She still can’t believe just how much of a difference it made, and this young lady now feels much the same way.

To be completely honest, the change in Tiara’s smile could have been even bigger, but to do so would have required major jaw surgery, and that isn’t something she wanted.  But she has been unhappy with her smile for so long, and it’s easy to understand why, right?  So what we did is called a “Esthetic Crown Lengthening,” or in normal English, a “gum lift.”  Basically, this involves using a laser to recontour the gums (remove the excess) up to the level they should be, and then to gently lift the gums to allow removal of the excess bone that was also covering her teeth.  The second part isn’t always necessary, because there’s not always extra bone, but when there is, it’s easy-to-do and painless, because the bone has no nerve endings.

A New Smile Fast

gummy-smile-afterThis photo was taken just 10 days after Tiara’s Gum Lift Procedure, and look what a huge difference it made!  She was just ecstactic and couldn’t stop thanking us and smiling.  We all know that it’s still not perfect, but she’s not interested in the jaw surgery.  But what it is, is a HUGE improvement, don’t you agree?


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