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As much as our goal is to help people keep their teeth healthy for their lifetimes, sometimes it’s just not workable.  Sometimes too many teeth have too big cavities to make them work fixing, sometimes the periodontal disease is  too bad even for LANAP to fix, sometimes it’s just too expensive, and sometimes, people just don’t care.  Whatever the reason, sometimes a denture, or plate, is just the right thing, and when it is, we aim to make them the best we can.

Dentures Don’t Have to be Ugly

While dentures are never truly a replacement for teeth (we tell patients that they’re better than no teeth, but don’t expect them to feel or work as well as real teeth do), when they’re made well, fit well, and use high-quality materials, we can not just give you some function back, but we can actually help you smile again.

Charlotte Matthews Pineville dentures


John (not his real name for privacy) came to us recently with a lot of missing upper teeth, and the remaining teeth were badly decayed, to the point they weren’t fixable.  Maybe we could have fixed them with “herodontics,” but it would have been very expensive, and I still couldn’t have promised him even 5 good years with all that work, the teeth were so bad.  So together, we agreed that the best choice was an immediate denture, which means that we take the mold first, have the lab make the denture, and on the same day that the teeth are removed, we place the denture.  Patients usually prefer this, because it means they don’t go without teeth to eat or smile while healing.

As you can see above, John went from being embarrassed to smile, to smiling nice and big!  And the “After” picture was actually taken the same day that we removed the teeth and gave him his denture – that’s how fast this transformation happened.


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