The Best Teeth Whitening Ever: Deep Bleaching Ultra

In more than 2 decades of practicing dentistry full time, I’ve tried a lot of teeth whitening systems.  From the ZOOM! In-Office Whitening (one of the first with the bright blue light) to Ultradent’s Opalescence  Whitening Gels (still our favorite at-home teeth whitening system) and more, we’ve tried them.  But when it comes to whitening really dark teeth, there’s only 1 system that works every time: Deep BleachingTM.

Deep Bleaching Ultra

Researched and developed by Dr. Rod Kurthy, this incredible teeth whitening system predictably whitens the darkest teeth possible.  It combines 2 in-office whitening sessions with 4-6 weeks of at-home whitening, using specially designed and made whitening trays.  Yes, the lab-made trays are truly better than standard trays.  They fit tightly at the gums, holding the whitening gel on the teeth & minimizing leakage.

From A3 & B4 to Bleach White

Just this week, we finished another Deep Bleaching Ultra case, again with phenomenal results.  Given that no other whitening system can do this, the patient was understandably skeptical.  We knew better though.  😀  Rather than talk about it, I’ll let the results speak for themselves!


I try hard, to get the exposure consistent on these photos, so there’s no hocus-pocus or optical illusions.  As you can see, that’s some serious whitening.  On the typical whitening scales dentists use, his teeth whitened 11-12 shades!  The B4 tab is one of the darkest tabs we use, so to get nearly bleach white on the really dark front tooth is incredible.

If you’re looking for brilliant white teeth and a dazzling smile, look no further than our cosmetic dental practice in south Charlotte.  Complimentary Consultations are available today.



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