Spend Less Time and Money at the Dentist

Let’s face it – NO ONE likes getting dental work done.  After nearly 15 years of being a dentist, I promise – I’ve heard every reason there is, but it usually comes down to 1 of  3 things:

  1. Time
  2. Fear
  3. Money

So what if your dentist uses some technology that can decrease at least two of those?  How about if the 2 that this technology decreased were TIME and MONEY?  Think you would like to know more?  ………………………………..  Hmmmmmmm, yeah, I thought you would!  So what is this technology?

The Least Invasive Yet Most Precise Tool a Dentist Can Use

What is it?  It’s a Dental Operating Microscope, or DOM for short.  It’s exactly what it says – a microscope used by dentists, obviously to see at very high levels of magnification.  And why is this good?  For several very simple, but very good reasons, including the following:

  • Teeth are pretty small, so it’s not easy to see and work on them in the first place;
  • Cracks in teeth and cavities can be super small, but if they penetrate deeply enough into the tooth, they can cause terrible pain;
  • Seeing at high magnification helps a dentist find problems earlier rather than later
  • High magnification means a dentist can remove exactly the right amount, no more and no less – it’s less invasive!
  • Bright light – the mouth is a dark place, but the bright light and clear vision help a dentist with a scope see extreme detail in every dark corner of your mouth.

Teeth are Really Small and Hard to Work On

Just take a look at these photos, which are in order from least magnification to the highest, and imagine your dentist fixing your tooth if he’s looking at it each way.  I promise, these photos have not been “photoshopped” in any way except (1) removed a little blood to not gross anyone out, and (2) brightened up the last one just a little bit to be easier to see, and that’s it.

How Many Dentists Use a Dental Microscope?

So now you’re probably thinking, “No way I want a dentist who can work on my teeth unless s/he can see that well!”  Unfortunately, only about 8% of family dentists have adopted this amazing dental technology.  But if you’re looking for a Charlotte area family dentist who uses a dental microscope for pretty much everything, you’re in luck!   😀

Here at Smiles by Payet Dentistry, we’ve been using microscopes to treat our patients for almost 4 years, and recently invested in 2 brand new microscopes, built by Leica, a brand famous for the scopes it makes for neurosurgeons, but now available for dentists, too.

Dental Microscopes Help a Dentist Catch Problems Early

Here’s the simple take-home message for why you want a dentist who uses a dental microscope:

  • A microscope helps your dentist find problems EARLY, when they’re SMALL
  • SMALL dental problems are EASIER, CHEAPER, and FASTER to fix than big dental problems.

What’s not to like!?

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