Bonding just 1 front tooth one REALLY satisfied patient

You know, dentistry can be a very challenging job: working on very small teeth, teeth, tongue, cheeks, saliva all trying to get in the way, patient fears…..some days dentistry wears you out.

But other days like today?  Wow, I had a patient come in this morning for whom we’d done a big tooth-colored filling (bonding) on her upper left eye-tooth a couple weeks ago.  It had been really obvious in her smile, a big brown hole in the tooth that she had to hide every time she smiled, and trust me…….this is a lady who likes to smile a LOT.  When we finished the bonding that day, she almost burst into tears of happiness, because she could smile with confidence again.

Honestly, this testimonial is the reason cosmetic dentistry is so big, whether it’s porcelain veneers, bonding, Six-Month Smiles (getting your teeth straight in only 6 months really is possible!), teeth whitening……read for yourself why I love what I do, even with all the challenges:

“After 17 years of being terrified of the dentist and avoiding simple preventive office visits, my smile had become my enemy.  For years now, I have covered my mouth when I laughed and smiled, even avoided social settings.

Dr. Payet and his staff have been wonderful to me and have made me feel very comfortable while in the office. in just two visits they have given me so much to smile about!  I almost bust into tears of joy when I smile in front of a mirror, and find myself in front of many mirrors lately!  Dr. Payet has restored my confidence and for that I am truly grateful to him and everyone in his office!  Thank you so much!

Amy Lester

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