Dental Pain Management and Medicines

Very often we are asked for pain medications after difficult procedures; while they are sometimes necessary, the most effective medications that you can get for dental pain are generally over-the-counter ones.  Here’s what we recommend, and it’s what we recommend usually for all but the most difficult surgeries in our office:

  1. Starting immediately (or even right before the procedure is the best), take UP TO 800mg Ibuprofen (you can take less, but do NOT take more!)
  2. Three hours later, take UP TO 1000mg acetominophen/Tylenol (again, you can take less, but do NOT take more!)
  3. Continue alternating these every three hours.  Because they work in slightly different ways, by overlapping them you get 2 types of relief at all times.  In addition, they do not make most people drowsy compared to narcotic pain medications.

What’s the maximum dosage per day of each? (For Adults)

  • Ibuprofen/Advil: DO NOT EXCEED 2400mg/day

  • Acetominophen/Tylenol: Do not exceed 4000mg/day

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