So I grind my teeth, Doc – what’s the big deal?

Many people grind their teeth. Many people clench their teeth. Many do both. The worst part is, though, that many have no idea that they do it, or how much damage they’re doing to their teeth — or how much it could cost to fix. Sadly, too, many dentists don’t do anything about it either. Here are 2 examples of just how badly one can damage teeth by grinding/clenching.

Common Myths About Teeth Grinding and Clenching


Examples of Teeth Badly Damaged by Grinding and Clenching

Look how uneven the teeth in the photos are.  See the gum recession and the deep “notches” in the teeth?  These things are NOT caused just by growing older and our mouths aging.  It takes incredible force to wear down enamel, which is the hardest substance in your body.  But once you wear through enamel into the second layer – dentin – that wears down much faster and the damage accelerates.

Teeth damaged by grinding and clenching - uneven, jagged, sharp.  Dr. Payet, a TMJ dentist in Charlotte can help.

How teeth can look after years of grinding and clenching.

Teeth damaged by grinding and clenching

Teeth damaged by grinding & clenching become short, chipped, worn, jagged, sharp, and ugly

Smile Reconstruction is Expensive – a Nightguard is Inexpensive

Both of these gentleman wanted better-looking smiles.  The second one was completed over 4 years ago; we are still in the process of completely rebuilding the mouth of the first gentleman.  Needless to say, it is very expensive to rebuild teeth like this.  Sadly, it could have been almost completely avoided if they had known about and used a nightguard years ago.

So if you think you grind your teeth – call us today!  Sure, your nightguard might cost several hundred dollars………but what is that compared to thousands and thousands of dollars in treatment and many hours of time in the dentist’s chair.  You’re investing in the future health of your mouth.

Don’t wait like these gentlemen did.  Call us at 704-364-7069 and make your appointment to have a nightguard made and protect your teeth!

Learn more about the NTI-tss nightguard that we recommend for most cases.

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