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  • Do You Need a Crown on a Cracked Tooth?

    We recently had a new patient see us with no tooth complaints, she just needed a check up and wanted to discuss her headaches to see if we could help.  During her exam, I noticed that several of her molars were severely worn down (which she already knew about) and had cracks visible.  We didn’t […]

  • Another Cracked Tooth due to Teeth Grinding

    Grinding Your Teeth Can Literally Crack Them in Half I just can’t say it enough – if you grind your teeth, you need a properly made and professionally adjusted dental nightguard! Perfect situation this morning: a young lady of only 29 years age came in for a root canal and crown because of a badly […]

  • My Tooth is All Cracked Up!

    The Value of a Nightguard to Protect Teeth It’s been quite some time since I talked about how important a nightguard can be to protect teeth and decrease the risk of major problems that can cost a lot to fix.  Personally, I think it’s a little on the ironic side when someone tells me, “Doc, […]

  • Why Does a Tooth with a Small Filling Need a Crown?

    Patients often wonder about why we recommend expensive treatments for teeth that don’t seem like they “need” it.  Today was an excellent example of why our recommended treatment may change while we are working on a tooth, as well as why we say you need a crown when nothing really seems wrong.  Lastly, it is […]

  • Cracked teeth – Act early

    Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Cracks in Your Teeth One of the most common reasons that patients come to us for dental emergencies is cracked and broken teeth.  For some reason, this always seems to happen on weekends, when you’re out at dinner, or right after we’ve closed for a long weekend – go figure.  This […]

  • Gold Fillings, Crowns, Onlays for Teeth – still the Gold Standard!

    When asked what filling or crown material will last the longest, there is a very simple answer that has held true for over a century now, and it is still true today: Gold crowns, onlays, and dental bridges.  Plain and simple, as much as I love doing cosmetic/esthetic dentistry with the ceramic materials available today, […]

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