Conservative Cosmetic Dentistry

When people think of “cosmetic dentistry,” they usually think of things like porcelain veneers and teeth whitening; most don’t think of dental braces, but really, braces ARE a form of cosmetic dentistry, and they’re often a much more affordable and conservative way to give you a great smile.

Dental Braces and Cosmetic Tooth Bonding for a Beautiful Smile

When Ashley first came to see us a few years ago, she was very unhappy with her smile due to very crooked teeth and her “peg lateral incisors.”  Peg laterals are a surprisingly common occurrence; for whatever reasons, the second tooth on each side (pretty much always on the top teeth, never seen it happen on the bottom teeth) is very small, so they look like pegs.  Since a beautiful smile depends on proportions as well ad tooth structure, these little teeth can really throw a smile off, even if the the teeth themselves are naturally beautiful, as Ashley’s are.

Because her bite was also “off” by quite a bit, and she was willing to take the time to fix that, along with the crooked teeth, we did not do Six Month Braces for Ashley, instead opting for comprehensive orthodontic treatment, which took about a 1 1/2 years.  And this past week, we did some conservative cosmetic bonding to build up the pet lateral incisors to look normal-sized.

Before and After Smile Photo of Braces & Bonding for a Great Smile

A beautiful, affordable kind of cosmetic dentistry with braces and bonding

Why Bonding Instead of Veneers?

While we could have done porcelain veneers for Ashley, there were several reasons why we decided together for bonding:

  • With bonding, we completed the treatment in just 1 visit, about 2 hours long
  • Absolutely NO DRILLING on the teeth!
  • Bonding costs only 1/2 as much as a veneer per tooth, sometimes less than that
  • Bonding should last just as long as porcelain when done properly

So what do you think?  Agree or disagree?  Think I’m full of it or maybe this is the kind of dental care you want?  Why not leave a comment, Pin it on Pinterest, Like it on Facebook, +1 it on Google+, Share it on LinkedIn, or even Tweet it! 

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