Cosmetic Tooth Bonding to Close Spaces Between Teeth

Before the 2008 Economic Recession, we used to do a fair amount of Cosmetic Dentistry at our Charlotte NC dentist office, especially with porcelain veneers.  Since then, however, the number of people willing to pay the high fees for 8-20 veneers has dropped a lot, and many people now also prefer Six Month Braces instead, as they’re more affordable and there’s no drilling on the teeth.  Still, there are times a patient may want something super quickly, or perhaps they need something changed about the shape and color of their teeth that braces can’t do.  Fortunately, there’s another option!

How to Close Spaces Between Teeth in ONE VISIT

Charlotte dentist Dr. Payet used cosmetic tooth bonding to close a gap between front teeth.We recently had a young lady come to our office unhappy about her smile, because she had a decent-sized gap between her front teeth, and also what are called “peg laterals,” which means that the lateral incisors (second out from the middle) were just undersized.  She wanted to know what her options were, so we went over all of them:

  1. Porcelain veneers – not a good option due to cost and would have required some drilling on the teeth that she didn’t want.
  2. Six Month Braces – definitely the right price range, but even closing the gap wouldn’t make the undersized teeth look right.
  3. Cosmetic Tooth Bonding (using tooth-colored filling material, layered onto the teeth to build them up) – this was what she wanted!  For the front 4 teeth, even less expensive than the Six Month Braces, so obviously way less than veneers, and best of all, it could be done in just 1 afternoon visit.

Cosmetic Tooth Bonding is Affordable, Fast, and Non-Invasive

What is “bonding” anyway?  Tooth bonding is the process of using tooth-colored filling material in layers to build teeth up; it can be done to fix cavities as well as cosmetic issues, including undersized teeth, discolored teeth, and spaces between teeth.  This young lady needed a space closed between her two front teeth, and the next 2 teeth built up to look more normal-sized, as they were too small.

In about 3.5 hours, I carefully evaluated her tooth color and shape, chose the right blend of composite resins and tints, and set to work creating her new smile.  At the end…..well, take a look and see for yourself!


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