Six Month Braces: Straight Teeth in 6 Months

What Are Six Month Braces?

We just finished up this example of Six Month Braces in our Charlotte dentist office today — doesn’t need much explanation, just that it took about 6 months and the patient was thrilled.  🙂

Dental Braces Don’t Have to Take Years

Seriously……dental braces do not always take 2 years, and by using light force, practically invisible clear brackets, and space age wires, we can gently move teeth for a straight smile in only 6 months.  If you’re unhappy with your smile, Six Month Braces are a faster and more affordable alternative to InvisalignTM. And if you’re looking for a Charlotte dentist with years of experience in getting patients straight teeth quickly and comfortably, give us a call!

You can see more examples of our patients in our Six Month Braces Photo Gallery.

6 (Six) Month Braces treatment in the dental office of Dr. Charles Payet in Charlotte NC

Are You a Candidate for Six Month Braces?

Many people don’t believe that they are a good candidate for Six Month Braces, but far more people are than aren’t.  Here are a few questions to ask to get an idea if it will work for you:

  1. Is the bite on your back teeth pretty stable?  In other words, do your teeth fit together in the back without causing any problems?
  2. Do you have any jaw pain or history of headaches?  These indicate possible bite/jaw problems and usually need more comprehensive braces.
  3. Do you have some mild spacing between your teeth, or mild crowding?
  4. Do you want to avoid those ugly metal braces for 2-3 years and just concentrate on the front teeth that show in your smile?
Patients tell us they absolutely love seeing their teeth straight in such a short time, and that it’s so affordable.  You can read some of our Patient Testimonials to hear it right from them!

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