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  • Dr. Payet Hobnobs with Dental Elites

    Posted by: Charles Payet | On: February 10, 2013

    As part of my commitment to the highest-quality Continuing Education, I do take a lot of advanced CE courses.  Because I’m fairly picky about the courses I choose, the courses I attend also are often the same ones that the most well-known names in dentistry attend.  It’s a lot of fun, and I’m fortunate to […]

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  • Invisalign Express = Fast Invisalign

    Invisalign clear alternative to braces

    Posted by: Charles Payet | On: March 4, 2012

    Until now, InvisalignTM has always been the clear alternative to braces with brackets, for patients who need complete orthodontic treatment.  If you only wanted to move a few teeth on just the top or bottom, it was impractical and too expensive; but not any longer.  If you’re looking for an Invisalign dentist in Charlotte, then […]

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  • 2.9 Month Braces by Charlotte dentist Dr. Payet

    Posted by: Charles Payet | On: November 24, 2009

    As much as people are often amazed at the idea that we can give them a straight smile with Six-Month Braces, there really are times when it doesn’t even take THAT long.  Take a look at Karim’s before and after pictures — literally, we put her brackets on back on September 9th, and we took […]

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