Blog - microscope-enhanced dentistry

  • Spend Less Time and Money at the Dentist

    Posted by: Charles Payet | On: December 5, 2012

    Let’s face it – NO ONE likes getting dental work done.  After nearly 15 years of being a dentist, I promise – I’ve heard every reason there is, but it usually comes down to 1 of  3 things: Time Fear Money So what if your dentist uses some technology that can decrease at least two […]

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  • Minimally invasive dentistry with a dental microscope

    Posted by: Charles Payet | On: July 30, 2009

    I sure wish I had the HD video hookup for my dental microscope already, but since I don’t yet, I’ll keep showing you stuff with my Canon cameras.  🙂 One of the most incredible benefits of the microscope is the ability to work on levels of detail that aren’t even imaginable without one.  And that […]

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