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  • Hate Your Smile? We Can Fix That

    Posted by: Charles Payet | On: June 24, 2014

    We know that a LOT of people are unhappy with something about their smile.  Whether it’s crooked teeth, gaps, uneven or excessive gums, chipped and worn teeth, stains from coffee/tea/soda, broken teeth from trauma….you name it, we can fix it.  We offer so many different options to help you LOVE your smile instead of hate […]

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  • Cosmetic Tooth Bonding to Close Spaces Between Teeth

    Posted by: Charles Payet | On: February 20, 2013

    Before the 2008 Economic Recession, we used to do a fair amount of Cosmetic Dentistry at our Charlotte NC dentist office, especially with porcelain veneers.  Since then, however, the number of people willing to pay the high fees for 8-20 veneers has dropped a lot, and many people now also prefer Six Month Braces instead, […]

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  • A short video on Six-Month Braces

    Posted by: Charles Payet | On: March 26, 2009

    As I mentioned in a previous post on dental photography, I’ve been working to create Before/After videos of the different procedures we offer, and while they do take some time to put together, I am getting more of them completed.  Here’s one that describes a little more about the process of Six-Month Braces and what […]

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  • New Patient Education videos now in the office!

    Posted by: Charles Payet | On: February 3, 2009

    Oh, it feels so good to finally be able to announce this, as I’ve been working on it so hard for so many nights after my family has gone to bed, but FINALLY I have begun producing some new Patient Education videos to help explain a number of options that we offer by using pictures […]

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  • Six Month Braces: Straight Teeth in 6 Months

    Posted by: Charles Payet | On: January 12, 2009

    What Are Six Month Braces? We just finished up this example of Six Month Braces in our Charlotte dentist office today — doesn’t need much explanation, just that it took about 6 months and the patient was thrilled.  🙂 Dental Braces Don’t Have to Take Years Seriously……dental braces do not always take 2 years, and by […]

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