Implant Dentistry in Charlotte NC

Implant Dentistry is Here to Stay!

Of all of the technological advances in dentistry in the past 30 years, one of the most significant of these advancements is the brining of implant dentistry to the mainstream.  Dental implants and implant dentistry have changed the way we practice dental medicine, and provide us with a way to replace missing teeth (and support loose dentures) as never before.

Dr. Payet is an Implant Dentist in Charlotte, NC

The ADA does not specifically recognize “Implant Dentistry” as a specialty — but Dr. Payet is a dentist who has extensive training with dental implants and implant dentistry.  And as someone who takes hours and hours of continuing education each year, Dr. Payet has the experience and training that people look for when it comes to selecting a dentist for their dental implant treatment. Whether you are considering implants to replace missing teeth, to help secure a loose-fitting denture, or just want to learn more about dental implants, contact us today to see how we can help!