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  • Charlotte Dentist Winter Coat Drive

    Posted by: Charles Payet | On: November 10, 2015

    Do you have any coats hanging in your closet, stuffed in drawers, thrown in the attic or basement that are still wearable?  If so, why not drop them off here at our Charlotte dental office from now (November 10th, 2015) up until March 21st, 2016, and we will be donating them on a regular basis […]

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  • Over 5 Years of Dental Blogging

    Posted by: Charles Payet | On: January 18, 2014

    Wow, I had no idea it had been quite so long, but I discovered tonight that I just recently passed 5 years of dental blogging.  Can you believe that? How & Why Did I Start Blogging?             Back at the end of 2008, as the USA was in the early […]

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  • We Make Beautiful Dentures

    Posted by: Charles Payet | On: December 10, 2013

    As much as our goal is to help people keep their teeth healthy for their lifetimes, sometimes it’s just not workable.  Sometimes too many teeth have too big cavities to make them work fixing, sometimes the periodontal disease is  too bad even for LANAP to fix, sometimes it’s just too expensive, and sometimes, people just […]

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  • Fund Raising for Typhoon Haiyan Victims

    Posted by: Charles Payet | On: November 23, 2013

    If you’ve been following the news at all, you have surely seen images of the unimaginable devastation caused in the Philippine Islands by Typhoon Haiyan, which stuck on the morning of Friday, Nov. 8th.  Reports of more than 10,000 dead and hundreds of thousands of people displaced, their homes utterly destroyed, difficulty getting aid to […]

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  • Conservative Cosmetic Dentistry

    Posted by: Charles Payet | On: April 20, 2013

    When people think of “cosmetic dentistry,” they usually think of things like porcelain veneers and teeth whitening; most don’t think of dental braces, but really, braces ARE a form of cosmetic dentistry, and they’re often a much more affordable and conservative way to give you a great smile. Dental Braces and Cosmetic Tooth Bonding for […]

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  • Can A Toothache be Cured by Adjusting Your Bite?

    Posted by: Charles Payet | On: March 1, 2011

    Absolutely!  As an example of how, let me tell you Michael’s story: “Ever since I had that crown done, it hurts to bite down!” Michael first came to see me not because of a dental problem, but because he was taking over our office computer network in the fall of 2010.  However, as he was […]

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