Charlotte Dentist Google+ Collections: Like Pinterest but Better

One of my favorite new(er) features on Google+ (yes, I’m still a huge fan of it and you can Circle or Follow us here: Smiles by Payet Dentistry) is Collections.  So what are Collections?  Easy: they’re a way for users to organize their posts by topics.  This means that you can Follow either a Person (everything they share) or just certain Topics, so if you want to keep up with one person’s photography but not their politics, you can just follow the person’s Photography Collection (that’s a link to my personal Photography Collection) rather than everything.  If you’re the person creating a Collection, you can set it to either Private (just people in your Circles), Public (everyone can see it), or Custom (you pick who sees it).  So it’s a very fun way of organizing your own content (makes it easier to find stuff later on for sure) or following specific topics from others.  And naturally, we have a bunch of them for our Page: Smiles by Payet Dentistry Collections.  But I’d like to feature a few specific ones.

Foods to Make You Smile

Food to Make You Smile Collection by Charlotte dentist Dr. Payet

Hey, who doesn’t love food, right?  As a dentist, there are things I recommend you avoid or minimize, like excess sugar and acidic drinks.  Other than that, no crazy fad diets or recommendations here, just photos of, and recipes for, yummy food that I like and that you might, too.  Want us to share your favorite recipe?  Send it to us and we’ll add it!

Kids’ Dental Care

Kids Dental Care Collection by Charlotte dentist Dr. Payet

Need tips on taking care of your kids’ teeth?  When should you start a fluoridated toothpaste?  Are electric toothbrushes for kids good? How long should they brush?  Do amber necklaces help with teething? (Ummmm, NO, they don’t, and they might choke your child to death – please avoid them).  These questions and more are featured and answered here.

Our Charlotte Dental Office

Our Charlotte Dental Office Services by Charlotte dentist Dr. Payet

Want to know more about the full range of services that we offer?  Of course, you can find it all here, too, but sometimes it’s easier to search a G+ Collection than a blog with 45 Pages and over 200 blog posts.  Check it out!



Science in Medicine & Dentistry

Science in Dentistry & Medicine Collection by Charlotte dentist Dr. Payet

As someone practicing dental medicine and involved in oral health (which connects to the rest of your body, right?), I try to stay current on research that might impact your health and will share it with you here.  This is where I also debunk pseudoscience and junk (alternative) medicine.


Local Charlotte Events

Local Charlotte Events by Charlotte dentist Dr. PayetWhile it’s not intended as a big Community Calendar, we’ll try to share what’s happening in Charlotte: cultural events, sports (especially the Panthers), festivals, and the like.  If you have something you’d like shared, send it to us and we will share it.



Your Dental Questions Answered

Your Dental Questions Answered by Charlotte dentist Dr. Payet

This is where I answer and discuss other questions about dentistry in general.  This includes videos from our YouTube Channel, new blog posts, emailed questions, and the like.  Topics include wisdom teeth, what toothbrush/toothpaste we recommend, cosmetic dentistry, bonding, braces, lasers, microscopes – the pros and cons, good and bad, and all that jazz.



Are you on Google+?  If so, tell us your Profile and we’ll add you to our Circles so you can also be notified when we add interesting new info to the Collections you find most interesting, and don’t forget to Circle us, too!

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