2015 Halloween Candy Buy Back!

Indeed, it’s once again to start planning for how to get rid of the massive pillowcases, plastic pumpkins, or who knows what else your kids used to collect ridiculous amounts of candy this coming October 31st, 2015, aka HALLOWEEN!  Because as much as I, a dentist who makes a living by fixing peoples’ cavities, love the effects that candy has on everyone’s teeth (no…..I promise I’m kidding, ok?  I’m trying to be dramatic here for effect – quit being suspicious!), I’m also a Dad and I have ZERO desire for my own daughter to be eating that much candy, just like you don’t.  So what do you do?  Here’s your answer!

2015 Halloween Candy Buy Back Blog (1)

Yup, the perfect way to get your kids to WANT to give up that candy!  By donating their candy, they will receive $1 dollar per pound of wrapped, unopened candy up to $5 maximum.  At the same time, they will be helping to bring some smiles and happiness to our US troops serving abroad through the work of Operation Gratitude.  This non-profit organization collects the candy and divides it up as part of Care Packages that are mailed to those who are working to protect our country around the world.

Not only that, we will offer Free Cavity Screenings, let the kids write a letter to the soldiers to be included with the candy, have fun with some crafts, get a goodie bag of fun stuff, and even enter a Raffle to win a Family 4-Pack of Movie Tickets.


Sunday, November 1st

1:00pm – 4:00pm

4601 Park Rd. #175,

Charlotte, NC 28209



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