A Sad Farewell Indeed


It is with great sadness that we must announce that Rosie, our long-term Dental Assistant, will be leaving us at the end of December.  She will be returning home to Arizona and her family, where she will be helping to care for her mother and spend a lot more time with her grandchildren.  While we understand, we will miss her more than words can express.

Rosie first came to work for us back in 2007 and continued until early 2011, when she had to take an extended leave due to a badly broken ankle.  However, when an opening came up again in early 2013, we were just as excited as our patients to welcome her back, and it’s been a fabulous 2 years.

Rosie’s work ethic is simply unparalleled, and countless patients have experienced her warm, welcoming smile; the way she always looked for something sweet and kind to say to every patient who came in; the way she comforted the many nervous patients; how comfortably and easily she answered questions and explained the options each patient had available.

It will be difficult for anyone to fill her shoes; not just her technical abilities as a chairside dental assistant, but as someone who knew how every aspect of our office works.  She knows our patients and their stories and has watched so many of them grow up.  She’s been there since shortly after Dr. Payet got married and had a baby; through the tough times of the recession into the boom times of recent years.  She’s stayed late when needed, come in early when needed, worked through lunch without complaint – all to make sure that our patients were cared for.

Rose……….we will miss you.

PS – I realized later that this meant I needed to edit our “Meet Our Team” page and take Rosie off, but it just felt kinda awful having to actually remove her from that page, because she was such a wonderful part of our Team for so long.  So in recognition of Rosie’s contribution to Smiles by Payet Family Dentistry, I started a new section on that page.  Rosie has now been awarded (in spirit) our first-ever Lifetime Honorary Employee Award.  (Partly this is because we’re all hoping she changes her mind and decides to come back.  🙂 _

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