Google+ Is BETTER Than Facebook

Google+ isn't dead yet Monty Python parodyPerhaps you’ve heard the rumors about the demise of Google+ once again?  If so, I’m not terribly surprised, because sadly, there’s no law in place that requires that reporters actually check their facts or report accurately, as was the case with TechCrunch’s article this week titled boringly, Google+ is Walking Dead.  I’m not going to bother putting a hyperlink, because it’s such tabloid journalism, it doesn’t really deserve to be called journalism at all, and it certainly doesn’t deserve a link.

Yes yes, I know……all your friends and family are on Facebook.  Heck, we have a Facebook Page, too: TheCharlotteDentist.  But you know what?  You’ve probably never seen anything posted on it, and you know why?  Ok, well one reason is that I don’t post on it much anymore, but the reason for THAT is very simple: Facebook’s algorithms currently mean that no matter what I post there, only 2-3% of you will ever see it unless I pay to “Promote” that post.  Seriously!  2-3 % – that’s it.  So if someone can tell me why I should bother posting anything, since only 2-3% of you will see it unless I pay for you to see it, I’m interested to hear.  My last post?  NINE (9) people saw it out of 300.  Yeesh!  For businesses, you’d think Facebook is the ghost town.

Why Google+ is AWESOME

The Huffington Post ran an article the other day about why G+ isn’t so bad.  Personally, I agree with my G+ friend Dustin W. Stout that HuffPost actually should have called it 12 Reasons Why Google+ is Awesome Since the author, Matthew Rappaport, actually uses Google+ (unlike the author of that useless TechCrunch article, who last posted to G+ in mid-2012), so he knows what he’s talking about.  I won’t bother repeating all his points, but they are good ones, so check out the article.  And just for good measure, here’s the rebuttal written by Amanda Blain, one of the 20-Most-Followed-People-on-Google+.

The New “+Charlotte NC” Weekly Update Launches Monday 4/28/14 on G+

Charlotte dentist Smiles by Payet Family Dentistry on Google+Starting tomorrow, I’ll be launching a weekly digest, or curation, of some of the things happening in Charlotte, interesting people I’ve met on Google+, Pages you might find interesting, and more, but it will ONLY be available on Google+ through our Google+ Page +Smiles by Payet Family Dentistry.  It won’t be comprehensive, because that would be WAY too much (after all, I have to take care of your teeth, right?), but I’ll include fun things going on, sports events, social events, and EVERYTHING will be stuff you can find on Google+ pretty much.  This will be a way for you to get started, if you like, and if you’re already there, you’ll get even more out of Google+.

I’ll be starting small at first, but will keep adding content, people, events, and more as time goes on.

Want to Be Featured?

If you own a social event, or have a Personal Profile or Brand Page, or a business…….contact me here (use our Contact Form) or on Google+, and I’ll see about featuring YOU.  🙂  After all, Google+ is about being social, right?

So – I’m looking forward to seeing how many new Plussers we get.  🙂  See you on Google+!


Dr. Charles Payet

PS – also be on the lookout at our YouTube channel SmilesbyPayet (sorry about the lack of graphics, I know it’s lame.  We’re working with some people to get updated ones due to all the header size updates), as I’ll be starting a new YouTube series, and maybe some Google+ HangOuts on Air to answer your questions live.  It’s gonna be so cool!

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