Feb. 2014 Snow Closings Again

Yes indeed, our Charlotte family dentist office is closed again due to snow on Wednesday, Feb. 12th and will probably be closed for the remainder of the week (Feb. 13th and 14th).  We do apologize for the inconvenience, but seeing as it really isn’t very safe to be driving, and the weather forecast says this storm won’t quit until sometime on Thursday, so we have to be safe.

As the police are recommending, PLEASE stay off the roads unless it is a genuine emergency.  I had to go out this morning, before it really got bad, and even then it was already getting slick.  Here’s a shot of Matthews-Pineville Rd./NC Highway 51 near Calvary Church to give you an idea of how the roads looked around noon today:

Charlotte NC Snowstorm Feb. 2014

If You Have a Dental Emergency

If you haven’t seen it yet, we recently added a Dental Emergency FAQ page; please check it out to see if your situation is covered there.  If not, and you’re already one of our patients, my emergency phone number is on our office answering machine.  If it’s a truly severe emergency, please call 911, as it will be impossible for me to reach the office until Friday at the earliest, possibly Saturday.

And one last time………if you don’t need to be out driving, please don’t!  Be safe, ok?

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