Stay Tuned for Weather Updates This Week!

If you’ve been following the weather over the last couple days here in the Charlotte area, you know that the middle of the week is looking pretty grim.  With rain predicted on Monday, Jan. 6th, 2014, and then temperatures dropping into the single digits on Monday night heading into Tuesday morning, it’s going to be ugly. Check out this Google+  post by Brad Panovich, the weather forecaster for NBC Charlotte affiliate WCNC-TV:

Brad Panovich

Check out the difference between Monday morning 7:00 am and Tuesday morning! Yikes! #ncwx   #scwx   #arcticblast

We’ll be doing our best to keep everyone up-to-date on whether the office will be open or closed on Tuesday and Wednesday, depending on how long this cold spell lasts and how well the city is able to respond. More than anything, we strongly encourage everyone to be safe and sensible – unless you have chains for your tires, NO ONE should be out driving on real ice.  Having grown up in Wilminton, Delaware, I learned to drive in bad weather, and if there’s one thing that’s clear – ice is just too dangerous to drive on except for emergency situations.

Please check back here for updates as necessary.  And BE SAFE!

Here’s another (potentially very useful since we don’t get super-cold weather like this very often) post by Brad about Wind Chill Factor and How Long it Takes to Get Frostbite:

Brad Panovich

Get to know these numbers and the time it takes to get frostbite. Be safe & stay warm! #coldOMG

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