Over 5 Years of Dental Blogging

Wow, I had no idea it had been quite so long, but I discovered tonight that I just recently passed 5 years of dental blogging.  Can you believe that?

How & Why Did I Start Blogging?

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Back at the end of 2008, as the USA was in the early stages of the worst economic recession since the Great Depression, my practice was desperately struggling for business.  So many Charlotte employers were laying off employees like crazy, and people were understandably choosing their mortgage and grocery payments over dental work, so we needed to find a way to attract more patients.  Since we needed a new website but couldn’t afford to pay someone to do it, I decided to learn myself, and so began my journey into website design and writing, and I got hooked.

So how much has been involved in my blogging over the last 5 years?  Here are a few stats:

  • 35 Pages
  • 167 Blog Posts (An average of 2.75 posts per month!)
  • 264 Comments on the blog
  • Over 360 images of all kinds added
  • The blog has been read in over 150 countries around the world

(BTW – the dip you see near the right side is when we stopped tracking for a short period after the website redesign was launched 🙂 )

 Blogging is Fun (and WordPress Makes it Easy)

What started off merely as a way to build a good website to attract patients, though, has become a genuine passion.  Heck, if it hadn’t, I sure wouldn’t keep doing it!  And besides this dental website/blog, in the last few years, I’ve started 2 more blogs and built a photography portfolio website, to boot:

Charlotte dentist and photographer

Dental Digital Photography

personal website header

Now I Blog to Help People Understand Dentistry

It’s been an interesting journey, learning to write for the public and for Google’s search algorithms, but especially for people, of course.  Bloggers also have to think about Google so we’ll be found, but the real reason I blog, of course, is for YOU!  Especially today, with advancing technologies and techniques, it’s hard enough for dentists to keep up, but for the public, how are you supposed to stay well-informed?  Quite frankly, the ADA does very little to educate the public, as it’s mostly been taken over by insurance executives, which is why I haven’t bothered being a member for more than a decade now.  The AGD (Academy of General Dentistry) is definitely better, which is why I AM a member of the AGD, but it’s much smaller, so less reach.  So……..that leaves dentists like myself and other colleagues who have a passion for writing and sharing.

Do you have an unanswered question  about dentistry that you’d like me to address?  

Please ask in the comments, and I’ll work on new posts to let you know all about that topic!

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