SmilesbyPayet Dentistry moving in May & Other Updates

Here at SmilesbyPayet Dentistry, there are some very exciting changes coming to our Charlotte family dental office that we want you to know about.  In order to really stay on top of things, you can subscribe to the RSS feed or you can become a Fan on our Facebook Page to get all the latest updates. So here goes:


Our new office will be located at 4601 Park Rd. at the corner of Park Rd. and Abbey Place, which is just 1 stoplight south of the intersection of Park Rd. and Woodlawn Rd., where you’ll find the Park Rd. Shopping Center.  It’s really easy to find – the big, white, square building on the corner opposite the Bank of America Branch; we’ll be Suite 175.  This new office will have some tremendous advantages:

  • MUCH easier to find!  Our name will be easy to read on the Monument sign right on Park Rd., and if you’re using GPS, it won’t be a problem at all, compared to our current Morrocroft Professional Park location.
  • We’re growing so fast, we’re moving from our current 3 treatment rooms to SIX!  Due to the incredibly popularity of our 6MonthSmiles adult cosmetic braces (listen to our radio spot on WLNK), we’ll be dedicating 1 of those rooms exclusively to our orthodontic patients.
  • A truly PRIVATE consultation room.  Whenever discussing financial matters, health conditions, personal fears, whatever else that you don’t want anyone else to hear, of course you want privacy, and our current office doesn’t give us that luxury as we’d like.  In the new office, you’ll have complete privacy.
  • A childrens’ play area!  They will be able to scribble on the walls, play Xbox, and more.
  • Big-screen TVs in the treatment rooms for you to enjoy your favorite programs during your visits.
Minimally Invasive Dentistry:

Dr. Payet has recently become a member of the World Congress of Minimally Invasive Dentistry, or WCMID.  This organization is dedicated to the treatment of cavities and gum disease as diseases, not just problems that have to be fixed with fillings, crowns, or gum therapy.  We already use many of the techniques they recommend, but you may not be aware of what they are:

  • By using our dental microscope and extremely small burs to remove the minimal tooth structure necessary
  • By using different pastes and chewing gums to actually make teeth harder and more resistant to bacteria and cavities, etc., our goal is to actually NOT have to work on your teeth, and we can actually make very small cavities disappear and get rid of those discolored areas on your teeth after braces, and much more.
  • Sealants for children: one of the least expensive but most effective methods of preventing cavities for kids, even for adults.
  • Laser dentistry: our Periolase MVP-7 laser, which allows us to perform Laser Periodontal Therapy TM, also qualifies as minimally invasive, because there is no gum tissue removed during laser gum surgery, unlike conventional gum surgery.
Tip-Edge Orthodontics
As of mid-May, Dr. Payet will begin a Continuing Education Seminar in another orthodontic system called “Tip-Edge.”  Between mid-May and mid-September, Dr. Payet will attend 4 sessions, totalling 72 hours of CE, to learn this technique to treat more complex cases, as well as younger teen patients, than we can currently treat with Six-Month Braces.  We can’t wait!

OK, that’s about it for now…….but stay tuned for more updates and for more examples of the beautiful dentistry we provide for our greater Charlotte area residents.

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